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Cat Number:41-9245-KIT

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TMB ELISA Buffer Kit [Sufficient for 10 ELISA plates]

Partner: Tonbo Biosciences

Description:This kit contains the key components required for the analysis of 10 ELISA plates. It has been specifically formulated to be used in conjunction with Tonbo ELISA Matched Antibody Pair Kits.
Further Information:Kit includes: PBS: 20 ml per bottle 20x concentrated PBS solution Wash Buffer*: 500 ml per bottle 20x concentrated Wash Buffer (1.0% TWEEN-20 in PBS) Blocking Buffer: 400 ml per bottle ready-to-use Blocking Buffer (1% BSA in PBS) Diluent*: 30 ml per bottle 20x concentrated Diluent (1.0% TWEEN-20, 2.0% BSA in PBS) TMB Liquid Substrate*: 110 ml per bottle ready-to-use TMB ELISA Microplates: 10 x 96 well plates Sealing Film: 50 polyester adhesive sheets Stop Solution: 110 ml bottle of ready-to-use Stop Solution (1M HCl)
Shipping Conditions:Ship at ambient
Usage:Research use only


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