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RayBiotech, Inc.

Insight Bio is extremely pleased to distribute all products and services from RayBiotech. RayBiotech is an antibody array pioneer company, well known for providing high quality, easy to use protein analysis systems. RayBiotech utilise industry leading, proprietary multiplex ELISA technology platforms to generate antibody array protein analysis systems, well suited to a broad range of applications from basic academic research to drug discovery, to analyse hundreds of proteins involved in a diverse range of cellular functions and disease processes (cytokine signalling, inflammation, angiogenesis, apoptosis, cell growth, signal transduction, cancer, atherosclerosis, diabetes.

RayBiotech array platforms can be used to generate semi or fully quantitative data, determining the concentration of proteins and peptides across a range of sample types, including body fluids (serum, plasma urine etc...), as well as cell and tissue lysate. RayBiotech offer arrays designed for high and low sample throughput, to analyse the expression of anywhere from a small number to hundreds of proteins from a single sample.

RayBiotech manufactures more than 2,000 ISO certified and rigorously tested ELISA kits (listed below), all backed by a 90-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can evaluate our kits with no risks and no worries. If the All RayBio® ELISAs are manufactured in the USA. Learn about our available full ELISA GLP testing services.

Insight Biotechnology is pleased to offer a wide range of custom testing services utilising each of RayBiotech’s array formats, carried out by world leading scientists at RayBiotech laboratories using their market leading array technology. A brief chat with one of Insight’s PhD Technical Team would no doubt be useful in ensuring the most appropriate array is selected for your work and that samples are prepared in the most suitable way. At Insight we’re always happy to discuss your work and address any questions you may have.