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Since 2012, a California based life science technology group, Abbkine has been developing high quality assay kits, recombinant proteins, antibodies and other research tools to accelerate life science fundamental research, drug discovery, etc.

Abbkines mission is to help make research possible by supplying scientists worldwide with the basic research tools necessary for advancing human and animal health. They achieve these goals through a well-defined core strategy and a company culture that fosters integrity, openness, and collaboration, and rewards customer focus, innovation and ownership, thus offer global life science researchers with the highest quality products with an affordable pricing policy.

Abbkine started featured and exclusive products from protein detection tools, and devoted to developing and providing the most innovative solutions for global customers covering all kinds of antibodies, biochemicals, proteins and assay kits. They’re proud to provide innovative, high quality and cost-effective life science research and diagnosis products.

Abbkine product ranges include:

Full portfolio of epitope antibodies and internal control antibodies with custom conjugates;