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Cell IDx Summary

Cell IDx was founded in 2014 and specializes in state-of-the-art immunohistochemistry technologies and reagents for both single and multiplex staining. Our goal is to simplify your process, to optimize your readout and maximize your data with our ready to use, optimized reagents.

  • UltraPlex multiplex immunohistochemistry Detection reagents – simple, rapid multiplex staining using cocktails of antibodies. Pre-made panels and UltraTag kits to make your own panels.
  • Antibody labeling Kits - simple, rapid and yield high quality optimized product with a full range of fluors, biotin and HRP.
  • UltraPolymer anti-species-HRP Detection reagents - specifically optimized for IHC and use on either the autostainer or manual staining.
  • CellPalette chromogens and ancillary IHC reagents.
  • Cell IDx also offers full-service IHC staining, imaging and analysis services through their Path IDx CRO.

  • Antibody labeling Kits
  • UltraPolymer HRP secondaries
  • UltraPlex Multiplex IHC