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Tonbo Biosciences

Insight Biotechnology Limited is pleased to announce the launch of Tonbo Biosciences, a Californian Company founded by Scientists with decades of experience in Flow Cytometry reagent manufacture. Tonbo Biosciences provide high quality, trusted clones at extremely low prices. We are confident the quality and consistency of these antibodies will match or exceed antibodies supplied by any major reagent manufacturer. See below for a list of antibodies, prices and technical information. A further 1000 antibodies are scheduled for release within the next few weeks. Insight Biotechnology has a limited number of Complementary Sample sized Vials of popular antibody clones and conjugations, available to customers on a first come, first serve basis. Please see below for details.

Free Trial Sized Vials Available Contact Insight Biotechnology today to request your complementary trial sized vial of any of the products displayed below. We are extremely confident your tests will verify the outstanding quality of these reagents. • FITC Ant- Mouse CD3e (clone 145-2C11) • PE Anti-Mouse CD3e (clone 145-2C11) • FITC Anti-Human CD3 (clone UCHT1) • PE Anti-Human CD3 (clone UCHT1) • FITC Anti-Mouse CD4 (clone GK1.5)• PE Anti-Mouse CD4 (clone GK1.5) • FITC Anti-Human CD4 (OKT4) • PE Anti-Human CD4 (OKT4) • FITC Anti-Mouse CD8a (clone 53-6.7) • PE Anti-Mouse CD8a (clone53-6.7) • FITC Anti-Human CD8a (clone RPA-T8) • PE Anti-Human CD8a (clone RPA-T8)

Technical Support & Customer Services Insight Biotechnology’s technical team is happy to discuss how products and services from Tonbo Bioscience can be used to facilitate your research.