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SeraCare KPL

SeraCare's brand of KPL products: KPL was founded in 1979 to develop, manufacture and market high quality immunochemicals for life science and in vitro diagnostics. KPL was the first company to commercialize affinity purified secondary antibodies, a valuable tool for biological research and in vitro diagnostic testing. Since then KPL has introduced over 700 reagents and complete assay kits for protein visualization and nucleic acid detection that address the needs of cell biology, immunology, protein chemistry and molecular biology scientists.

KPL is located in Maryland 15 miles from Washington, D.C in one of the largest hubs of the biotech industry. Products are marketed around the world in more than 50 countries. KPL products and services are distributed by Insight Biotechnology in the UK and Ireland.

Many leading diagnostic kit manufacturers utilize KPL reagents in a variety of commercially successful diagnostic kits for AIDS, tropical diseases, food testing and cancer. KPL's large-capacity production facility utilizes a comprehensive documentation system that assures adherence to the highest quality standards. KPL holds proprietary technologies and patents for immunoassay reagents that are used for visualization and detection.