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Cat Number:11-011


Flt-1/VEGFR1, Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody

Partner: AngioBio

Applications:WB, IHC(f), IHC (p), IF
Species Reactivity:Human, Mouse, Rat
Reactivity (Predicted):The antibody recognizes human, mouse and rat Flt1/VEGFR1. Other species not tested.
Dilutions:IHC: Use 5-10�,g/ml at RT for 30 min. For paraffin embedded sections, boil tissue sections in 10 mM citrate buffer, pH 6.0 for 10-20 min followed by cooling at RT for 20 min to retrieve antigens, WB: Use 5-10�g/mlRT for 2 hrs
Isotype:Rabbit IgG
Description:Flt1 or VEGFR1 is a high affinity receptor for VEGF and plays an important role in endothelial cell growth and angiogenesis. It belongs to a family of receptor kinases. It contains an extracellular domain with seven immunoglobullin-like loops, a transmembrane domain and a cytoplasmic kinase domain.
Further Information:This antibody was raised against a synthetic peptide from the cytoplasmic domain of Flt1. It works in immunostaining or immunohistochemistry and Western blotting detecting a 180 kD band.
Shipping Conditions:Ship on cold packs
Storage:The antibody is stable at 4�C for 24 months.
Usage:Research use only


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