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Cat Number:OASB00912
Size:100 tests
Concentration:Lot specific

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Human CD9, FITC, Monoclonal Antibody

Partner: Aviva Systems Biology

Applications:FC, IHC-F, ICC, WB
Species Reactivity:Hamster, Canine, Feline, Monkey, Rabbit, Raccoon
Dilutions:Flow Cytometry: Purified (UNLB) antibody<br/>Fluorescein conjugate<br/>R-phycoerythrin conjugate<br/><= 1 ug/105 cells<br/>10 uL/10<sup>6</sup> cells<br/>10 uL/10<sup>6</sup> cells
Shipping Conditions:Ship on cold packs
Storage:- The purified antibody (UNLB) is supplied as 0.1 mg purified immunoglobulin in 1.0 mL of 100 mMborate buffered saline, pH 8.2. No preservatives or amine- containing buffer salts added. Store at 2- 8 C<br/>- The fluorescein (FITC) conjugate is supplied as 100 tests in 1.0 mL of PBS/NaN3. Store at 2- 8 C<br/>- The R- phycoerythrin (R- PE) conjugate is supplied as 100 tests in 1.0 mL of PBS/NaN3 and astabilizing agent. Store at 2- 8 C. Do not freeze!<br/> - The low endotoxin, azide- free (LE/AF) antibody is supplied as 0.5 mg purified immunoglobulin in 1.0 mLof PBS. Aliquot and store at or below - 20 C<br/>- Protect conjugated forms from light. Aliquot and freeze the low endotoxin, azide- free product at - 20 Cimmediately upon receipt. Each reagent is stable for the period shown on the bottle label if stored asdirected.
Usage:Research Use Only


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